About us is a marketplace portal where all vendors who must be retail(stores) can register upload their products and start selling. We are a new startup Omni Channel enterprise.

The portal is absolutely easy to utilize and allows Vendors the ability create daily timed deals on their products, specials, coming soon specials and new releases. The system has a built in delivery system that allows customers the choice to pickup their product or choose delivery if they are way too busy.

There is a facilitation fee of 7%-10% per completed transaction. To register and sell is absolutely free. We will waiver the facilitation fee for 6 months, wherein you will only be responsible for the bank charges associated.

Online purchasing is starting to become extremely popular in South Africa, growing at remarkable rates. Brick and Mortar Retail needs the injection of an Omni Channel environment, therefore adjusting the business model to merge  Online with Stores and Malls is the future.

Malls are slowly becoming a hedonic experience of touch and experience more than shopping. The notion of time consciousness is becoming the core reason for the growth of Online. Creating an Omni channel retail environment can allow for the equal spread of revenue and transfer of lost sales from Online towards the Brick and Mortar environments.

As people become more conscious of convenience, request more variety, more information and want this in the shortest time available, they will make decisions based on these aspects. allows the customer this opportunity for convenience and time.


We look forward to you using this amazing Platform


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